The content writing industry is forever evolving. Almost all companies need content writers, and they outsource work. Thus the need for newer trends increases. It is a vital component of digital marketing and will continue to grow. Whether you are just starting or have been in the field for years, you must use the latest trends to keep the competition on edge.

We are well into 2023. It is time to assess if your content writing approach aligns with what is trending in the field this year!

Are you ready to explore the trends of 2023? Here are the top writing trends to follow:

1. The Scannable Content Era

It is a reality that people visit websites to get the exact information they need rather than read everything given there. They will immediately quit your website if they need help finding the information in less time. As a result, it’s become mandatory for content writers to include different elements like headings, subheadings, and bulleted or numerical lists in their content to help visitors understand what to do next. By including these components in your article, you may also prevent readers from moving their eyes around looking for details.

2. Niche Content

In a few years, specialty content will become more crucial as the environment of content writing continues to change. Niche content is written specifically for a subspecialty (or subcategory) within the client’s portfolio of goods and services. It has a specific target audience and is frequently very specialized and technical. If you’re a dentist, you might provide a variety of services. These comprise dental cleaning, root canals, and aesthetic dentistry. You can generate specialty content for a subcategory in great demand, like aesthetic dentistry. Thus, you can cover topics like dental veneers, teeth alignment, and teeth whitening.

The freelance content writing industry needs to concentrate on producing hyper-targeted content for their specialty throughout the coming years. This type of content will have two different qualities: it will target a much smaller audience and generate leads more effectively. It occurs because content that is highly targeted to them will pique their attention more. For SEO and content writing, specialized content will be more beneficial. It is because it will give readers more in-depth information that they can’t get anywhere else.

3. Content Powered By AI

It is no secret that brands have been utilizing AI marketing for years, possibly even limiting the use of content produced by AI. Google has said that artificial intelligence-generated content intended to skew search results is spam. Still, it has also said that AI’s “appropriate use” to support content is not against its policies.

Although it needs to be clarified how well Google can identify AI systems, AI-generated content will certainly be something to pay particular attention to. In January 2023, ChatGPT surpassed 100 million monthly active users, according to a UBS report distributed by Reuters. It clearly explains the dominance of AI in the content writing field.

4. Links are Still Favored

The audience highly values high-quality and educational content. People need well-organized content as they read less frequently than before. They must get what they have been searching for at a glance. Many content writers use hyperlinks to make their material rich. Always hyperlink the figures and stats you use in your content. It builds trust in the eyes of the audience.

5. Video Shorts Are Increasing in Popularity

To fight with TikTok, the cultural Megaforce, YouTube, Instagram, and Meta have all developed video clips on their platforms. After introducing its Reels feature, platforms like Instagram even bragged about having a greater engagement rate in countries like Brazil. In fact, by 2028, it’s expected to have more than 163 million users. A big audience may be engaged; brand exposure can be curated using video shorts and reels. Short video clips have a greater chance of going viral. The conventional long videos cannot be a sparking social media sensation, unlike the shorts.

6. Creating Customized Content

The way we consume content changes as technology advances. People are becoming more selective regarding the content they want to read and prefer content that speaks to them. As a result, freelance content writing will need to provide material specific to the wants and needs of the targeted audience. Material writers must develop original, tailored material that caters to the audience’s preferences in 2023.

According to Google’s new Helpful Content Update, the writer must provide people-centric content. Personalized content will adhere to this principle well in 2023 as one of the major trends in content writing. Individualized content is the need of the hour. It might include pertinent images, movies, and other graphics. The reader will relate to these more. It will be necessary to conduct market research on the target audience to develop personalized content to meet their demands.

7. An Increased Focus on Active Voice Content

Web visitors today prefer active voice over passive voice because it gives the material greater authority. In addition to this, using active voice in your content has a lot of advantages. Among them are:

1. Content is easy to read
2. Content is interesting
3. It gives content more clarity

8. Updating Outdated Content

Refreshing outdated material with new information is another trend in actionable content development for 2023. To concentrate on previously published material may seem paradoxical. But did you know that updating outdated content can significantly increase your audience reach and engagement? More importantly, it keeps readers interested by providing them with fresh material to read.

When you update your content, you must consider both the shifting demands of your readers and the most recent trends in your business. Rewriting outdated content is a smart idea. But when doing so, the focus should be on incorporating fresh, pertinent data and timely viewpoints. A smart strategy to keep your blog current and pertinent is to update outdated content. Content writers can ensure that their blog appears at the top of search engine results by frequently updating their material. It increases website traffic and user engagement.


Staying ahead of the curve is crucial to ensure your work is interesting and effective because content writing services constantly change. These trends in content creation for 2023 will be quite helpful in generating leads and organic website traffic. It will assist you in producing great content that converts more quickly and boosts online revenue for clients. Stay ahead of your competitors by adopting these trends.

At The Writing Right, we create high-quality, SEO-friendly content that engages the audience. Our team updates itself with the latest content writing trends, and we create customized content aligned to these trends.

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