Quality content is one of the key factors for the success of any business online. You can create brand awareness, attract visitors, engage them, and convert them—all with the power of content!

There is stiff competition in the digital arena where each brand is trying its best to reach a niche audience. But only the brands with the right content connect with the audience.

Businesses realize the importance of content and they want quality content in the form of blogs, website content, articles, email marketing content, and more. They have the option to hire dedicated writers for their organization or outsource the work to freelance writers. And, then there is the option of using AI-powered bots for writing the content.

Although businesses realize the worth of quality content, they are skeptical about hiring a content writer because professional content writing services are expensive. Some business owners try to think of doing it themselves because of the belief that they understand their product/service best and are in a better position to create relevant content. However, content writing is a time-consuming task that can take a lot of effort. And, the business owner may not be able to create content regularly and post on the website. This could affect the business adversely.

Another popular tool for content creation in recent times is an AI-powered bot.

The question is, “Can bots replace professional content writers and function as independent content creators?”


Let’s dig a little deeper into how the content created by bots differs from that created by professional writers!

There is a huge difference between the content created by the human when compared to a bot!

  • The content created by the bot needs instructions throughout the writing process. On the other hand, you need to provide instructions to the writer just once and he/she will create content.
  • The content is created for humans. It will not have a human touch or feeling if it is written by a bot.
  • In the current market scenario where your audience is looking for a personalized experience, only a human can understand the needs of another and create customized content.
  • Different types of content require a different kinds of writing. For instance, a website blog is written differently compared to an article or a blog for a third-party website. Then again, articles to be published on article websites are quite different from blogs. An experienced writer understands these nuances and creates content accordingly. On the other hand, a bot will not create content specific to the type.
  • Content created by bots requires a lot of work for organizing the content in a logical flow.
  • Content writers create rich content after referring to several sites. Often statistics and data charts are included in the content to offer the readers data-rich content.
  • it is easier for a professional writer to alter the tone of the content according to the audience it is created for.
  • It is an established fact that the content written by professional writers ranks higher than that created by bots in searches. This is because the audience can relate to content written by humans better than that created by bots.


While these are the benefits of hiring a professional content writer, there are some drawbacks too when compared to using a bot!

  • A bot is faster and more convenient.
  • A bot is less expensive compared to a professional writer.
  • A bot creates grammatically accurate content while a professional writer may commit grammatical errors while composing the content.

While a human cannot match the speed of a bot, the grammatical accuracy of the content can be enhanced by using tools for checking grammar. Also, as far as the cost is concerned, as a business owner, you need to assess the ROI(Return on Investment). You may use a bot and get a lot of content in a quick time. But if it does not engage the audience, what purpose does it serve? If you need to invest in a professional writer and the writer provides high-quality content that is optimized for searches, then you achieve the purpose for which the content is created! And, your investment is justified.

In my experience as a professional writer, I have had the opportunity to compare content prepared by a bot and that prepared by a content writer. I have found that even though the content created by a bot was grammatically accurate, it lacked the finesse of that created by the writer. From the perspective of a reader, I found the content created by the bot to be lackluster.

The fact is that Artificial Intelligence cannot replace human intelligence. And, a bot powered by AI needs the support of human intelligence for functioning seamlessly! AI can be used for automating routine tasks but when it comes to creativity, human intelligence is always the Winner! Content writing is a creative field where writers research for ideas and create unique content based on their understanding of the topic. The content is customized according to the needs of the market and shared!

However, not all writers create the perfect content that converts. You need to vet your writers carefully.


A good writer creates content that is:

  • Plagiarism-free
  • Grammatically accurate
  • Well-optimized for searches with the right keywords
  • Provides relevant information
  • Customized to the needs of the audience.

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