Professional content writing services are a must in today’s digital world. This is because content helps you establish your brand and get visibility for it. Content is the backbone for all digital marketing activities like SEO, social media marketing, etc.

And, because of the rising demand, there are many content writers available in the market. These may be individual freelance writers, content writing companies, or in-house writers.

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Businesses have the option to completely outsource content writing services or hire in-house writers. Both have their pros and cons.

Pros & Cons of Hiring an In-house Content Writer:


  • The writer has a better understanding of your business objectives and can create content aligned to them.


  • The content writer is present in the office and can interact easily with other team members such as graphic designers, SEO team, etc., and make necessary changes to the content as and when required.


  • An in-house content writer can cope with sudden content demands because he is present in the office.


  • There is no risk in asking an in-house content writer to connect with clients directly. Such interactions help enhance the quality of content.


  • A healthy competitive environment in the organization helps enhance the efficiency and quality of work.




  • It is more expensive to hire an in-house content writer because you not only have to pay a salary but also provide other perks and incentives, etc.


  • When you have in-house writers, you are obliged to give them leaves which could affect the work.


  • In-house writers work according to fixed hours and they cannot be expected to submit work outside of office hours. This becomes a problem when there is an unexpected task beyond working hours.


  • There is a tendency among in-house writers to become complacent because they have an assured salary irrespective of the quality and quantity of work they deliver.


  • In-house content writers have less exposure as they are limited to a specific style of writing. This can limit the scope of the organization in getting content writing done for the varied demands of clients.


Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content Writing Services:



  • Freelance content writers or content writing companies bring more on the plate than an in-house content writer in terms of experience and versatility.


  • Freelance writers have a lot at stake in terms of their reputation and marketability. Therefore, they adhere to deadlines and are more particular about the quality of work submitted.


  • Content writing companies may have a team of writers with diverse backgrounds and can create more relevant and better quality content.


  • In most cases, freelance content writers are more experienced than in-house writers because they are more likely to shift to freelancing after a few years of work experience.


  • When you outsource content writing services, you do not have any commitment towards the writer. In most cases, the writer is bound by a contract that can be annulled at any stage if you are not satisfied with the work.


  • Outsourcing content writing services is less expensive because you do not have to invest in infrastructure such as providing a fixed workspace, a desktop/laptop, etc. Besides, you do not need to provide any perks to the writer.


  • Freelance content writers are not bound by any specific work hours and can be assigned tasks even beyond office hours.


  • You can decide the payment terms based on the quality of work submitted, the number of edits provided, and the adherence to deadlines,


  • When you outsource content writing work, you can channelize your resources towards the growth of your business while the content writing work is done in the background.




  • A freelance content writer takes longer to get aligned to the needs of the business and customize the work accordingly.


  • Freelance writers or content writing companies do not have a sense of commitment and there are chances that they may leave you stranded when a project/assignment needs to be submitted.


  • Not all freelance writers are willing to provide edits for the content. This might mean that you may have to work on the submitted content.


  • Many a time freelance writers may not adhere to deadlines and this could impact your business.


When you compare the services provided by in-house content writers Vs those offered by freelance writers, you find that the pros of outsourcing content writing services far outweigh their cons and the pros of hiring in-house writers. It is highly recommended that you outsource content writing services. However, the final decision lies with the business owner based on the specific needs of the business.

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