If you are an organization the markets technical products/services, you will need technical content to market them. But often, business owners find that the technical content writing by professionals is not to their expectations!

What is Technical Content Writing?

hiring a technical content writer

Technical content writing is creating content on technical topics or specialized topics. These could be topics like technology-based systems like engineering, automation, etc. Or modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, etc. While most of us would associate technical topics with technology, it is essential to understand that creating content on any specialized topic qualifies as technical content writing. For instance, if you need content on finance or financial products, you will need a writer with a financial background. It helps you get relevant content from the writer.

Many businesses face the issue that the writer is unable to deliver the correct content when it comes to technical content.

Let’s see why this happens:

When hiring a content writer, most business owners look at the number of years of experience in the field as the primary criterion for selection. However, familiarity with the niche is also an important factor especially when it comes to creating content on technical topics.

An individual who is technically qualified will be better equipped to write on any technology-based topic. Therefore, you must check the qualifications and professional background of the writer before hiring a technical content writer. And, someone who has an understanding of the law will be able to write high-quality content on legal topics, an individual with a financial background can write on related topics better.

So, if you find that your writer is not delivering the right technical content, you need to relook at your procedure for hiring technical writers.

While the qualification and background are vital while hiring technical content writers, they may not matter much if you require writers to create content on generic topics. In such cases, experience and proficiency in the language are the key factors.

Let’s now delve into common issues faced by business owners concerning the content created:

  1. Information Conveyed in the Content is Inadequate

A content writer researches information about the topic he is writing about. But, if he is from a non-technical background, it is difficult to grasp the essence of the data collected and put it in words. It directly impacts the quality of content.

  1. Grammatically Inaccurate

Many a time content created might have grammatical errors. While the technical background is important, you need a writer who is proficient in the language.

  1. Plagiarized Content

Plagiarized content is quite common among writers who have too many things on their plate. In their hurry to create and submit content, they are likely to overlook plagiarism checks for their content and submit plagiarized content. Plagiarism is often in the content created by writers who do not have much knowledge of the subject. Since they find it hard to comprehend the topic, they are likely to copy and paste the content. Unfortunately, Google penalizes such content.

  1. Content is not Engaging

The purpose of content is to attract the audience and lead to conversions. However, this purpose is not achieved if the content does not engage the audience. Only professional writers have experience in creating engaging content.

  1. Not SEO-friendly

This issue crops up when the content is not optimized with relevant keywords. Using keywords in the content so that they appear in the natural flow of the narrative requires experience and skills. Not all content writers are adept at this. And, this can cost your business dearly because if your content is not well-optimized, it will not rank high in searches and the entire purpose of content posting is defeated.

All these issues can be resolved by vetting and carefully selecting your content writer.

Whether it is an in-house content writer or you are outsourcing a content writer, these are the qualities you will need in your technical content writer:

  • Proficiency in English
  • Experience in writing optimized content.
  • Familiarity with the subject.
  • Experience in writing on the subject or related topics.

While there is no foolproof method to select a technical writer, you can try to find the best one with the following tips.

  • Ask the content writer questions about the subject when interviewing him. This will give you an idea about how conversant he is with the subject.
  • Give him a sample writing task asking him to optimize it with keywords. This will help you assess his proficiency in the language; ability to optimize the content; and how engaging the content is.
  • Verify his credentials.
  • Connect with previous employers/clients to gather feedback about his abilities as a writer.

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