When we want to find out anything about a business today, we turn to its website! The website and content marketing is the digital identity of any business!

Therefore, we can conclude that all aspects of a website design and structure play a vital role in its online success-in other words its ranking on SERPs!

why content is king

Some Vital Factors that Determine the Quality of the Website:

Loading Speed: This is easily the first thing that matters to a user when he browses through different websites. It is an established fact that if a website takes longer than 0.2 seconds to load, the user will move on to the next site.

Responsive Design: With the large number of smartphone users worldwide, responsive website designs are no longer an option but a Must.

UI: A website must be designed keeping the user in mind. It must be easy to navigate and must offer the user a pleasant experience. Also, the design must be attractive and trendy to attract the audience.

So, these qualities of a website will help attract an audience and lead them to your website!

What next?

You want your users to stay on your website and maybe even convert into serious buyers!

This is where content steps in!

The ONLY way to keep your audience on your website is with the content you offer! You can communicate everything that your brand stands for with the right words.

Your website will include a list of your products/services, mission/vision, and other details about your brand. All these need to be conveyed effectively without any ambiguity to your audience.

So, it is all about how you communicate what you want to convey?

“It’s only words and words are all I have to steal your heart away!” The lyrics of the popular song “Smile” accurately sum up the role of content!

It is only your words that will engage your audience!

So, you need to create content to which your audience can relate!

Tips for Writing the Right Content:

Use simple language: No one in today’s world has the time to look up the dictionary to find out the meaning of fancy words! So make sure to create content in simple language that anyone can understand. Of course, technical terms are required in content related to niche areas like technology, law, medical writing, etc. While using the words/phrases relevant to the topic, make sure that the overall narrative is easy to read and understand.

Avoid Redundancy: Any type of content is interesting to read if it offers something new as you read along. Hence, make sure that you do not repeat the same points over and over in your content.

Optimize with Keywords: A website needs to be optimized with the right keywords so that it ranks high in searches. Find the right keywords with the help of keyword research tools and make sure to include them in the content on your site.

Using the keywords appropriately is an art that professional content writers excel in. Professional writers use keywords so that it becomes a part of the narrative and does not “stick out” like it has been added for ranking purposes.

Be Precise: When you talk about your brand make sure that you communicate effectively using few words. Precise content draws more attention than long drawn-out content. This is especially true when you are explaining the products/services offered by the organization. However, descriptive content looks good when you are explaining details about your business.

This is as far as engaging visitors to your site goes!

But, you will want visitors to keep coming back to your website! Don’t you?

Again, it is content that plays a vital role here!

If you want revisits to your site, offer fresh content to your audience in the form of blogs. Content in the form of blogs that satisfies the needs of your audience is the best way to have them coming back to your site.

Your blogs should not have a sales pitch trying to promote your business. Create content that conveys information about your product/service. It should be authentic information that your audience can use. Make sure that the blogs you publish are well-optimized. Also, the content must be unique and free of grammatical and other errors.

The blogs you publish on your website help you establish authority in your field. Hence make sure that you post quality blogs that convey exactly what you want to communicate.

The role of content is not just restricted to website content or blogs. Content is the backbone of all digital marketing techniques:

Social Media Marketing: If you want to engage social media users, you need creative posts. Also, social media campaigns require frequent posts on different sites. Hence, you need creative content for a strong social media presence.


On-Page and Off-Page SEO: On-page search engine optimization(SEO) requires your website to be optimized with the right keywords. And, this is possible only with content. Off-page SEO, which helps establish domain authority also demands quality content in the form of guest posts, etc. to build backlinks.

Email Marketing: The emails that you send to your subscribers are all about content. It is all about what you write and how you write it that determines whether your subscriber will read the content or it will go to their trash.

So, we see that content is everywhere! It is an essential part of website design and development and digital marketing.

No wonder, “Content is King!”

If we imagine a website as a human body, website design and development activities form the skeletal and muscular systems, content is the blood! And, digital marketing is the nervous system!

Final Words!

Content is one of the most important factors that drives your brand. Content may be presented in different forms. It could be written content, videos or infographics, etc. You have several options to choose from to market your brand! It would not be too far-fetched to conclude that “Content is the present and future of marketing!” 


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